Entangled Whale


Update: This gray whale, estimated on the rate of travel, could be in Monterey Bay tomorrow (possible even late today). If it slowed a bit it could be in area Tuesday. Call 877-SOS-WHALE (877-767-9425) OR USCG on VHF CH-16 if you sight it. Please stand by if possible but maintain 100 yards from the animal.

Entangled gray whale heading up the coast. Could be in Monterey Bay by Monday. #entangled #whale #whaleentanglementteam
Call 877-SOS-WHALE (877-767-9425) OR USCG on VHF CH-16.

5 thoughts on “Entangled Whale

  1. Kate,

    How often do these entanglement stories come out with a happy ending?

    Plus, harbor seal pups in Pacific Grove are putting on a show for the public resting on local beaches.

  2. The things we humans do to mess up creature’s lives, poor beast, I do hope that SOS Whales can cut it free. BTW, did you know that Moby Dick is bassed on the true story of an albino whale named Mocha Dick that sank several whaling boats between about 1800 and 1838? He was first encountered and attacked sometime before 1810 off Mocha island off Chile. He was a bit of a “white Knight” as he tended to come to the rescue of female whales with a young calf being persued by whaleres.

    If you are interested there is a small reprint of a contemporary book available about it all titled: ” Mocha Dick or the White Whale of the Pacific” by J.N. Reynolds

  3. I feel like I might have seen it yesterday. I saw a whale close in and it didn’t seem to be going down but staying on the surface. I was very high up and did not have binoculars so can’t be positive. It was right in front of Packard Property.

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