Clarification – Bridge Completion Date

Just to be clear, the date was changed AFTER I uploaded my initial map and completion date to the new one of 9/30/17. I felt it better to repost this updated completion date, again, in case anyone missed my comment on the last post which made this clarification.

Susana says: “… we have a new target date for the new Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge to allow “public access” (not necessarily fully completed) of six months—taking us to “mid-to-late” September.” Not sure what this means, but I suppose it is possible that there could be one-lane flagging traffic by then.


2 thoughts on “Clarification – Bridge Completion Date

  1. There is a time difference between having a structurally sound load bearing bridge and a structurally complete bridge. The completion of the former could allow for limited traffic with temporary safety barriers while the permanent barriers are installed and everything else is completed.

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