Pfeiffer Trail Update

Pfeiffer Trail Information 3/27/17

The Pfeiffer access trail is complete and open for use.

The trail will be open from a half hour before sunrise and a half hour after sunset. Use of the trail is limited to local residents, school children and service workers who work in businesses south of the demolished Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge.

State Parks is issuing waivers and passes to use the trail. Those needing a pass can get one at the Big Sur Multi Agency Facility which is open daily from 9 am to 4 pm. Businesses can send a list of their employees to State Parks, which will provide signed passes and waivers which can be filled out at the worksite and sent back. Employers can email their list of employees to

To make it easier for those on the south side of the bridge, State Parks will be on hand at the Big Sur Deli this week to issue passes. Here are the times, please share widely:

Tuesday, March 28th 1-5pm
Wednesday, March 29th 7-11 am

Those signing up for waivers or passes at the Deli or at the MAF need to be sure to bring valid ID.

Brent Marshall, Martha Karstens, Gerry Malais – Unified Command

12 thoughts on “Pfeiffer Trail Update

  1. Good news and better than nothing. But the question remains: Why wasn’t the old road to the west of the bridge – which was used as the main highway during the original bridge construction – reopened for locals walking and allowing limited supplies to be transported by vehicles?

  2. Hello All,

    Just heads up if your getting itchy to grade dirt roads for the dry season that wet weather appears to return around April 7-8 with a series of weak to moderate storms hitting us. The Climate Prediction Center is seeing it and global teleconnective patterns appear to be supportive although the models this time of year can have big spread and long range forecasting in Spring is very challenging. Nevertheless, the jet stream path is staying along the lower latitudes (+PNA, -AO, -NAO) in the Northern Hemisphere and is very different than the 2011-2015 time frame during the drought years!! Enjoy the sunny Spring weather because Winter could be revisiting for one last visit.
    Cheers, paul h

  3. Help me understand why the hours for the trail are as they are? Why can’t people pass during the day when it’s actually convenient? Does it have to do with the construction work on the bridge? Access to the BSHC for those south of the bridge is thru the trail. Has anyone come up with a shuttle service or is that something each person sets up?

  4. Lisa, my reading of that is open all day – from 1/2 hour before sunrise UNTIL 1/2 hour after sunset. I do agree listing hours would be easier, such as 6:30 am until 6:30 pm, or such, but perhaps I was reading it wrong? There are talks re shuttles, but right now, I believe it is everyone is setting it up for themselves. Some people are keeping a vehicle on the north side in the MAF parking lot.


  5. Thanks, I guess it could be read that way and that makes more sense. I guess I’ll have to hitch once I get on the other side. Back to my old ways!

  6. Was hoping someone would have an answer to Big Sur Nation’s question about using the old road around the Canyon. Regarding the 1/2 hour before and after Sunrise and Sunset is a typical State Parks posting. I think they do it so they don’t have to deal with Daylight Savings Time. Check the postings at State Parks Beaches…example Sunset State Beach at the Carmel Lagoon. Same thing.

  7. Because the slide that took out bridge connects up above west side of bridge where old road cut was. It’s to unstable and also private property.

  8. Parking on the north side of the trail seems to be an issue. Is there a way the park could open up to the locals for parking during these extreme circumstances?

  9. Leslie, my information is that they are mowing the field next to the parking lot in order to open up more parking, due to the extreme circumstances.,


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