Big Sur Shuttle Service

A new service will be instituted beginning July 1st, which will coincide with the opening of the State Park. The website explains what the service offers. Interestingly, only those utilizing the shuttle, or campers in the State Park, will have access to the TapHouse Trail, which the shuttle service calls the Community Trail. Also the service is providing educational information in the form of pamphlets and story-telling. This could be an interesting experiment on how to minimize some of the impact of the overuse of tourists in our area after the bridge is open. It will have several months of a sort-of “trial” run to see how this works. It could easily be part of the solution, which is always good to hear. Please go to their website to check it out:

Big Sur Shuttle Service

And for current State Park Information, check out this website:

Pfeiffer State Park

8 thoughts on “Big Sur Shuttle Service

  1. That’s great! I’ve always wondered if there was some way to stop people and make them fill out a short survey bringing their attention to the fragility of the area. Glad to hear this is happening and I hope it “blossoms”!

  2. a good start. Tell those stories! Show those pictures! Educate the people! Make it real to them.

  3. Glad that the transportation is being worked out. Went to the Sur Transportaion page to check it out and there’s an Instagram account linked at the bottom of the page. One of the first dozen pictures is of a party at Pfeiffer Beach with a bonfire. One of the comments on this picture is ‘Living the good life!’ From what I understand, sometime last year Loren Henry found a fire running up the hill at Pfeiffer that he had to run to get help putting out as it was too large to do himself. I don’t know how to sum this up, except that people want to come to Big Sur and do the same cool things that the locals do, and maybe that looks like parties with campfires. People who don’t know can’t tell the difference between their fires and anybody else’s fires, so this looks kind of complicated to me.

  4. Who is monitoring all tourists get back on the bus?

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  5. Just checked out the Instagram. Didn’t see the Pfeiffer Beach bonfire pic so maybe it was taken off already. But there is also a pic of Bixby bridge from underneath, which would involve trespassing on private property for a tourist. Maybe that one also sets a bad precedent. How about a shot of basketball at the taphouse instead?

  6. Hello all, anyone can walk in to the park for free and walk on the trail….there is a charge only if you drive your car in..and that is the $10.00 day use fee. Once on the other side, you can take the shuttle or not. Some people just take a long walk down the highway.

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