Geological “Map” of Mud Creek

Mud Creek Slide Anatomy_V5 (1)

I had to look “Head Scarp” up – Scarps, tension gashes, and lobes are features that identify active or recently active landslides (fig. 2). A scarp is a steep (nearly vertical) region of exposed soil and rock at the head of the landslide where the failure surface ruptures the ground surface. Here is an example:


I will bring you up-to-date with the Hill Fire later this am.

8 thoughts on “Geological “Map” of Mud Creek

  1. It’s comforting to see that Roberts property is mostly away from the main activity (except for that dang Arlene’s Slide that compromises the driveway)!!

  2. Looks like more material could come down if that’s what the dotted red lines above the actual slide are indicating. Thanks for this illustration and explanation.

  3. as always you fill in the gaps and help keep us apprised of what’s going on. good info.

  4. So just where will the slide material be moved?? Apparently it is “illegal” to push it down the slope now that all of the coast is a Marine Sanctuary. Imagine enough “Transfer Trucks” and trips that will be necessary to move the million++ cubic yards of rock etc,, and the damage to NF Road, or the southern route, to get it to a “proper” disposal site. It will take years, and $ millions more to accomplish the task. I do not think that the Sur can sustain itself without a through route on 1. But…

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