7 thoughts on “Hill Fire Update, 6/27/17

  1. I know the grass around my place got CRAZY tall and thick this year (cleared btw) and can imagine all those acres not cleared… due to the nature of the land…so much fuel 🙁
    We need more goats.

  2. Unless you have many many goats, you won’t reap the amazing grazing benefits. Also, once the grass is dry, they are not eager to eat it. After having made a life time commitment to my adopted herd, I now have only one goat left, she is 14 I think. She nibbles on brush and munches on some fallen madrone leaves, hardly putting a dent in the fuel load.

    Human weed whacking each day after day until one gives up, is the best solution.

    Also, mountain lions love goats. Unless you are home and are fully committed to managing their time out and secure them from about 6PM to 9AM (longer as the days get shorter) in a strong cage with roof and floor, these precious lovely goats will surely be massacred.

    Meh …..

  3. Yes – I’m sure there are many issues in owning that I am not aware of. Maybe renting? I thought there was a group out of Chular but can’t find it… closest one was Santa Cruz.
    Guess I’ll just have to keep whacking away… just wished it was so dang steep!

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