4 thoughts on “Highway Photos today, 1/9/18

  1. Informative as well as disturbing shots. Hopefully no more heavy downpours until those areas have a chance to drain their load of water. All look pretty critical…

  2. I saw the video (online San Luis Obispo Tribune) of a mud creek drive (really looked like a muddy dirt path… look it up if you haven’t seen it!) the other day. Can’t imagine what all this water did to it…. Could be a long winter. Lets hope we get plenty of rain but in small doses our land can handle!

  3. There isn’t enough info on rain totals coming from the Big Sur area. I invite everyone to join NOAA’s “cocorahs.org” site to record rain totals at their location. It’s an interesting site that plots community records for your area and facilitates evaluation of patterns affecting emergency response, road repair and watch/warning alerts based on real time data.

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