River Fire, Day 2, 8/17

**Updated evacuation warning**
The following areas are under an Evacuation Warning: Communities within the north of San Benancio Rd, West of Troy Lane, Southeast of Harper Canyon Rd to include Harper Canyon Road, Weather Rock Way, Rimrock Canyon Road.
IAP Map 8/17-18
Operations Map

From MCOES: “River Fire progressing southeast along the ridge. Following areas are under Evacuation Warning: Southwest of Parker Rd, Northwest of Coral De Cielo Rd and Rana Creek, Southeast of the intersection Chualar River Rd and River Road, Northwest of Limekiln Rd/Creek.“

Here is a pretty good map of what is happening. The orange dots are the “older” sections of the fire, and the red dots are the newer. This will give some idea of direction it has been growing.

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  1. amazing photo kate! is this the spectacular view you had of the light show the other night?

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