13 thoughts on “Dolan Fire Photo Essay by Brendon Shave, 8/19/20

  1. I just, read, they arrested a 30 yr old for arson and set his bail at 2 million

  2. Sending prayers to you and everyone in harm’s way as well as all of those working to stop the fire.

  3. Heartbreaking but thankful to you dear Kate for keeping us informed and grateful to every firefighter.

  4. Appreciating the photo essay that reveals so much about this fire. Now, hopefully we can count on some reigning in of this and get to the bigger ones in the north. Thank you, Brendon. Thank you, Kate. Be safe and well.

  5. Kate, thank you for all your updates and these photos. Are you safe? Where are you in proximity to the Dolan Fire? Be safe and be careful! Best, Senator Bill Monning

  6. Bill, I am good. I am south of Nacimiento, and the fire is north of there. If you hear the fire has crossed Nacimiento, then you can start worrying for me. Right now, I am good. Thank you for carrying.

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