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RV and Tent Camping Vouchers Available for Fire Evacuees

Monterey County and Weather Tech Raceway management are joining together to offer space for fire evacuees who wish to shelter in their RVs or a tent at the Laguna Seca recreation area at no charge.

Evacuees with recreational vehicles, or who wish to tent camp, should come to the gatehouse at Laguna Seca, 1021 Monterey Salinas Highway, and ask for Monterey County staff.

To receive a voucher to stay at the RV area there at no charge, evacuees must be able to provide proof of an address that is in the fire evacuation zone, whether it is a current ID, bill, statement or vehicle registration.

Staff will be available to assist with vouchers during evacuation center hours: 8 am – 8 pm.


BTW, please be patient with me today, my MMM who has been helping me on the Carmel and River Fires evacuated his family yesterday, and today is packing up their camper and evacuating himself. Once he gets settled somewhere, I am sure I will hear from him. Keep lucasryancv (gave me permission to use that in addition to my mystery map maker) and his family in your thoughts along with all our family and friends.



Resources for Evacuees and Other LocalResidents Regarding Monterey County FiresPlaces to Stay in the Monterey County Area Including Current availability and known rates Restaurant Guide for Local Food Offerings Evacuation Centers Resources for Animals and SheltersSPCA Monterey County 831-264-5455Updated Evacuation Map Current Road Closures – According to Cal FirePine Canyon at Mesa RoadRiver Road at Parker RoadIndian Springs Rd at Murietta RdLos Palamas Rd at River RdRiverview Crt at River Rd117 Drive at Highway 68 Air Quality Advisories Evacuation Preparedness ListMonterey County United Way 211*All information is subject to change*For fire updates visit Cal Fire


LOL. Okay, maybe I am getting punch drunk but that title tickles me. This is a post that applies to ALL fires, not just a specific fire.

First, I have to thank my Mystery Map Maker. Those of you who followed me during the Soberanes Fire will remember him. He lives in Carmel Valley and jumped in and helped me on the Soberanes Fire reporting and saved my sanity and was able to help me provide more and timely information than I could alone. On the River Fire, he again did the same thing. When the Carmel Fire broke, he jumped in and took over that one, which was great, as later that night, the Dolan Fire broke, and I took that one. We have been working as a team for the last 5 days. Thank you, MMM, I couldn’t do it without you!


The Community Foundation for Monterey County has started a Monterey County Fire Relief Fund: www.cfmco.org/FireRelief.

People can designate relief specifically for those affected in Big Sur through the Big Sur Disaster Relief Fund of the Weston Call Fund for Big Sur.

We took the liberty of linking to your blog and Facebook in our resource area as a key source of information.


This spot reserved for any future general fire topics.

9 thoughts on “Misc, non-fire specific fire info

  1. Yes, noticed the MMM on duty and been sending massive gratitude to BOTH of you for keeping us informed and focused.

  2. They are helping with evacs, yes, and they are providing food to those who have their animals, but not much else. They are very helpful in our fire emergencies.

  3. Thank you both! I refer friends, both who live in the area as well as people who have moved away, to your blog when they contact me wanting to know what’s going on.

  4. Kate: Thanks for providing updated information on the Hermitage and the surrounding areas. And thanks to Brendon in helping Cyprian, Zach and the other monks keep the property as safe as possible.

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kate!! And MMM too of course! I hope he has gotten everything packed and is out, safely. My friends had to run from Cachagua under a Mandatory, 2 days ago. I have referred her and her kids to your blog, even as I did in the Sobranes Fire. Massive hugs and positive thoughts for you all. You are a life-saving source!

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