Dolan Fire Photos — Fire making its own weather

Hermitage at 2 pm this afternoon;

New photos taken at 1:30 pm — show more fire cumulus clouds.

These are 45 minutes later. It has been making a run to the east for over two hours this afternoon.

12:30 pm — Not a cloud in the sky except for these shots over the Dolan Fire. The photos below were taken around 12:30 pm from my house at 3200’ on top of Plaskett Ridge. I sent them to the Dolan PIO who confirmed there was a slop over on the North Coast Road and it is now 200-300 acres and established. It is 1 mile east of Hot Springs Canyon. No structures are threatened. I will add more throughout the day if warranted. I have put these through HDR to bring out the contrasts which makes them easier to see.

Prewitt Ridge if front ridge middle ridge runs up to Cone Peak, far ridge is Partington.

7 thoughts on “Dolan Fire Photos — Fire making its own weather

  1. As others always say…great job of keeping us all informed. Thank you. Curious how far you live from what is now the south edge of the fire? Not in danger we hope.

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