War Zone photos, 9/2/20

You can see that staging is beginning over on Prewitt Ridge, the one in the foreground. These were taken around 4:45 pm today.

I have jokingly started calling this the war zone. Here is the first set of photos of passage through here. I have been told to expect others.

thru my bedroom window

10 thoughts on “War Zone photos, 9/2/20

  1. Wow, just what it looks like! War on fire! Thank you again and again for keeping us informed!

  2. Wow, it sure does look like a War Zone!….Perhaps it is time for you to consider “getting out of dodge” for a few days anyway, for some peace and quiet…..Seems it is only going to get worse with all the equipment moving by that they need to fight this fire with and having to go through your road to get around to it…..Take care Kate! My dog would be barking the entire day with people coming and going…..Thinking about you my friend, let me know if I can do anything for you! Sending lots of love your way!

  3. Smoke, ash, road dust, COVID….mask required for all of these reasons. Hope you are breathing easier despite it all, knowing that the needed reinforcements are in place.

  4. Love and prayers to all up the mountain. Love and prayers to firefighters and all involved in this fight to save our mountains and wilderness.

  5. And yet, I don’t wear it at home for any of those reason. Do admit my nose is taking a beating, though…stuffed and clogged all the time.

  6. Saline rinse via Neti Pot or NeilMed bottle is my recommendation for your stuffy sinuses. Then mask up…

  7. Yesterday, seeing all the equipment at the bottom of Plaskett made me think of the good that artillery will do vs the other artillery for destruction!

  8. Hang in there Kate!! As everyone else has said on innumerable other posts,THANK YOU for all you do to keep the Santa Lucia Mtn Range family informed. Hopefully the equipment operators know ‘who you are’ and treat and protect your land well.

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