Dolan Fire, Day 19, 9/5/20

And to round out our night, John Chesnut’s evening fire map. This will do it for me today, unless something unusual happens.

Dolan Fire, 9/5/20 appears to be a firing operation



UPDATE September 5, 2020

Rob Allen, Incident Commander

Fire Information: 831-272-0222                 Email:

Media Information: 831-272-0221            Inciweb


Size: 32,785 acres             Containment: 40%       Personnel: 855       Start Date: August 18, 2020       Cause: Unknown

The fire is moving to the south and east within the Ventana Wilderness, growing by several hundred acres yesterday. Moderate fire activity continued in the Cone Peak area. Fire has progressed into the San Antonio Creek drainage and is flanking eastward along the Santa Lucia Range. Fire behavior is expected to increase with the loss of the marine layer, bringing higher temperatures and drier conditions across the fire area.

Hotshot crews continue to build line in the Ventana Wilderness and scout potential containment lines to the south of Lost Valley Trail. Fire fighters are improving containment lines along McWay Ridge and within the Lucia and Hermitage areas. Crews are completing the primary containment line north of the Nacimiento-Ferguson Road and along the road to Cone Peak. This indirect line will serve as the primary containment line, intended to keep the fire from spreading south toward nearby structures. If conditions allow, a planned burnout operation will be used in the next few days to tie containment line into the fire’s edge. Dozers, hand crews and masticators are also working on additional contingency lines farther south. Crews continue to patrol Highway 1 for rolling debris and increased fire behavior. Helicopters will be available to support ground crews throughout the day.

Structure protection all along Highway 1, in the Partington area north, and in the Lucia and Hermitage areas to the south continues. Currently in the fire there are: 6 Type 1 Hotshot crews, 6 Type 2 hand crews, 55 engines, 7 dozers, 12 helicopters, 17 water tenders, 4 masticators and a variety of other equipment to support firefighting efforts.


Evacuations / Closures: Click here  for an interactive map of Monterey County evacuations. For information about state highway closures go to

  • Evacuation Order for the area South of Nacimiento-Fergusson Road, west of South Coast Ridge to Prewitt Ridge including Alms Ridge.
  • Evacuation Warning for Partington Zone C (only residents allowed into the area).
  • A new Evacuation Warning was issued by the Sheriff’s Office yesterday afternoon for the for the South Coast Ridge Road Zone K.
  • Highway 1 is closed from north of Vista Point south to Pacific Valley.
  • Forest Order Number 05-07-51-20-20 is in effect, limiting access to areas of the Forest near the fire,

 WEATHER: A high pressure system is bringing very high temperatures and drier conditions over the fire. Temperatures in the 90’s along the coast and well into the 100’s inland and much lower relative humidities across the area are expected through Monday. Winds are forecast to remain mild.

PUBLIC MEETING: Our next virtual community meeting will be on Saturday August 5th, at 2:00 pm. The meeting will be live-streamed on the Los Padres National Forest Facebook page and can be viewed live or retroactively. If you have specific questions please send them to

SAFETY: Fire personnel and equipment are staging and working in the Big Sur area. Highway 1 is still closed within the fire area to ensure public safety as well as to allow for safer fire fighting operations. As Labor Day Weekend  begins, anticipate increased traffic in areas accessible by the public.

Dolan Fire 

California Interagency Incident Management Team 2 

Public Information Phone: 831-272-0222 

Media Information Phone: 831-272-0221 

Incident E-mail: 

Incident Website:


John Chesnut morning map…the dozer/hand line shown below he hand drew into the fire detection map.

7 am — Here is the operational map and a zoom in to the new dozer/hand lines where they hope to stop the fire’s southern spread.

9/5/20 7 am view of Cone & Twin Peaks

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