Fotos from the Front

Just when I thought it was over, and that I would be signing off on this fire tonight, more backburns. Looks like McKern on the east and Wild Cattle on the west. Helicopters are cooling it down as I type.

photo by bigsurkate
Photo by bigsurkate
photo by bigsurkate
Photo by bigsurkate
photo by Brendon Shave

10 thoughts on “Fotos from the Front

  1. Heartfelt sympathy going out to you! We were lucky to have enough of a shower and a wind shift to clear things out from the nearest fires. A week was more than enough to bear. I can’t imagine what it’s been like with yours going on for what seems like forever!!! Sending a pack of wishes of safety and an end to the worry and smoke and all the stress soonest!

  2. Winter with rain will cause havoc on the hwy.
    These road closures were just a warm up…here we go again!

  3. A higher sense of self in confidence & positivity is the ticket. The waiting landscape & its seasons to soon arrive, are as the surgery patient in a forced coma. Nature, the hillsides & all of Natures power’s now need us to be in step with their finest possible orchestration of a full recovery. Maybe too hippie-visionary yet my bet is the native Sur’ians would be thinking, dancing & gathering in meditation & prayer, even vision quests, to rebirth these slopes back into harmony🐎

  4. Prayers to all………I use to Live in Pacific Valley on the Willet property……….. heartfelt love to all ….stay safe..

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