Quilts for Nacimiento Station firefighters & other Dolan Fire victims

Last week, I was contacted by Joan Costello of Monterey Peninsula Quilters Guild about quilts her group had made for the River Fire, Carmel Fire, and Dolan Fire victims who had lost their homes. I did not have an accurate list of those who lost their homes, but I knew who did. I contacted Patte Kronlund, Secretary of CABS. She jumped right in, contacted Joan and offered her assistance in getting these gorgeous quilts to our Dolan Fire victims. She suggested that the 12 firefighters who lost their home at Nacimiento Station be included, and they were. This is what CABs does best. Thank you, Joan, Patte, and all the quilters. What a great gift. Monterey Peninsula Quilters Guild website is: www.mpqg.org

Patte took and sent me this photo:

5 thoughts on “Quilts for Nacimiento Station firefighters & other Dolan Fire victims

  1. The Monterey Peninsula Quilter’s Guild is so special! The quilts provide so much comfort for those in need of emotional support. For years, their group has provided beautiful quilts to dialysis patients on the Peninsula, and to now see their quilts for the fire victims truly touched me. Thank you for providing this shout-out to them! We love you MPQG!

  2. I had a total loss of my home in Carmel Fire at Sky Ranch and am trying to reach the group, but their contact link doesn’t post an email address. I get caught up in a new computer morass to try to reach out using cut paste of email address or direct link. I would be grateful to be put on the wait list for a quilt.

  3. Thank you, wonderful and perfect timing! I shared the good news on my restaurant page.

  4. Barbara, there is a “contact us” button on the website I posted above and it will create an email that includes their email address.

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