New Fire in So Cal

I am only posting re this one to bring everyone’s attention to the fact that while the calendar says early April, conditions of the vegetation say late July. I will not be posting follow-ups on this, as it is not anywhere near the Central Coast. Be fire aware starting NOW

Fire name: Springs
Location: Big Pines Highway x Big Rock Creek; SW/O Valyermo, CA
Reported acres: 20
Rate of spread: rapid
Report on Conditions: wind driven in medium to heavy fuel, running to the east. No divert on aircraft due to immediate life threat at Fenner Camp and surrounding homes. Fire is running towards Highway 2. Potential for 1,500 acres
Structure threat: yes
Resources: LAC 2nd alarm, ANF, AA210, T72, 3 S-2’s, 1 VLAT on order, 6 additional T1 handcrews.
Hazards: steep terrain
Weather: NW winds 30 MPH.
Radio channels:
Scanner link: ANF Forest Net 17
LA County Fire 12
Webcam link: MTN High West 35
Live video: 21 17
Agency Website:

3 thoughts on “New Fire in So Cal

  1. Looks like they’ve been able to stop forward progress at about 60 acres – thank goodness there were ample resources available. Gonna be a long fire season!

  2. Thank goodness. Early in the season there are lots of resources available to hit it hard and fast, and that is a very good thing.

  3. Right on, Kate! Too bad that is rarely the case. Detecting and controlling a fire quickly isn’t emphasized enough, and on-site ember interception is almost totally ignored. Working on the latter to improve its batting average is essential, as once there’s a structure fire, it will throw more convection, radiation, and spread by more and larger, longer-lasting bits of burning material than “brush” or forest fires ever will. Each structure needs its own self-contained, automatic/remote-controlled, ember/fire suppression system. Structure proximity compounds the problem.

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