5 thoughts on “Rat Creek, current conditions

  1. Looks like they are turning the road into a dam with how much lower it is on the mountain side (see last picture). Hope the outflow culvert is at the bottom of this depression.

  2. what brilliant, hardworking and dynamic people these are to solve an issue so swiftly and well ! my hat is off to them ! smart to craft a large ‘debris basin’ in case another flush happens again . pretty much every time they step up to fixing a problem they build it better than it was before. I wish all elements of public benefit and government spending were so well handled !

  3. I wonder if locals who need to go to the Health Center (vaccinations, general health) or to work will get a window, one am, one pm, to go through the temp. Dirt rd in canyon or will we have to wait until it’s done? Although it sure looks close to opening. I am happily amazed at how close they look to finishing. And the Lupine are blooming so pretty right now… Looks great!

  4. It’s a bit late to affect the Rat Creek repair this time, but I have an idea about the future. For over 20 years I maintained over a mile of narrow dirt road on a steep canyon side on this coast. I always resisted installing culverts at the drainage crossings because I knew they would get clogged up so easily. After the Storm of 1998 we did install a 36- inch culvert at the worst washout. One week later it plugged up and washed out, not as badly. We put in a 48-inch one alongside, and so far it has not been a problem. (But we haven’t had another storm like 1998!) In my opinion, another ’98- scale storm would likely overwhelm both culverts. We used gabion baskets to rebuild the road and protect the downstream area from erosion. My suggestion is simply to make the road into a gentle dip, like in the desert crossings of washes, and pave the downstream surface far enough down to let flood water and debris pass over without harm to the road.

  5. Great photos of the progress. Thanks! A few years ago when Hwy 1 washed out there was a period of time when bicycles and hikers could pass through the construction zone but vehicular traffic was not allowed. Does anyone know how I can find out if that will happen again with this road repair project? Biking with fewer cars is very nice 🙂

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