Monday morning coffee, part 1

One of my readers, Rich, told me how he looked forward to reading the Personality One series each morning with his coffee. The last of that missive posted last week, so I searched around for something else my readers might enjoy, and I found this, which I will publish a bit of each Monday.

9 thoughts on “Monday morning coffee, part 1

  1. Beautiful. Thanks Kate. Looking forward to Mondays (can’t say that very often).

  2. I’ve read this book about my neighborhood many times. My copy is disintegrating and stained. I should scan it while I still can!

  3. I ‘m reminded that, in years past, it was Mother’s Day weekend that Big Creek held an annual open house for hiking and exploration. Looked forward to it. Then the fires closed all that down.
    Also thinking that when the Big Sur library reopens, I’ll take a ride down the coast and borrow something written by Jaimie de Angulo. The excerpt is mind-opening. There is so much I’ve missed as the north and south have been cut off periodically. And then there is the P****mic!
    Thank you, Kate, for Monday mornings!

  4. One of my favorite reads. Thanks for featuring it so others can share in learning more about the rich history of this area.

  5. I have a pdf version I can send you if you like, Kate. It’s not a perfect paper copy but it’s nice to have as a backup.

  6. I have scanned PDFs of all the Big Creek publications that Susanne refers to from 1978-84, including her oral history. You can email me at if you’d like me to send you one. Or download it at—the-rough-land-to-the-south.pdf

    Open House will be back once Covid protocols allow! The fire has destroyed the trails but we will get them back slowly but surely.

    Mark-Director, Big Creek Reserve

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