4 thoughts on “Rat Creek repair continues

  1. It appears that they are adding some kind of sooper-dooper “trash” fence. It appears that they are thinking of a backup contingency plan in case the main drain plugs. What? No security blankets? Maybe they’re to come? Lots of luck (lol).

    It also appears that they are creating a little (too small?) “settlement pond” up against the fill embankment. Let’s hope that it never has to be used and that any asymmetric loading at the debris fence does not create a rotational flow that could erode the “enhanced” structural fill (I haven’t had time to study the plans yet, so I still don’t know what is meant by “enhanced”).

  2. Thank you for this view! Wonder if Dave or someone could send you photos when the process of installing is underway? That would be interesting to all of us internet engineers too. Cheers, Kate.

  3. I hope they tell me when the time comes. I’d like to see it.

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