Monday Morning Coffee Read

While I have the actual physical book, as evidenced by the difficulty I have photographing it, a couple readers and Mark Readdie of Big Creek, pointed out that this entire book was published on line for your Monday morning reading material. Here is the link:—the-rough-land-to-the-south.pdf

I will be back with further history and info for Monday mornings when I find something worth publishing.

4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Coffee Read

  1. Nice to have the whole source. Thank you for the link. But it’s nice to be part of this community of readers, and read the comments afterward. Look forward to whatever Kate chooses next for our “Monday over coffee.”

  2. Thanks Kate. Very nice. But I also echo Sandra Reel’s comment and say that it was kinda fun to open up an installment and look forward to the next one. It felt good and special in ways I can’t quite articulate.

  3. Can’t thank you enough for this amazing peek into our history. A tad hard to read with 2 pages squished into one but will go cover to cover one page at a time each morning. Such a joy and so important. Thank you

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