Ignoring the signs

Hopefully the guy will blog about his great adventure. He drove past several road closed signs and drove around multiple barriers only to end up 100’ away from Hwy 1…and stuck. I am told the tow truck refused him.

Sunday night:

Then here he is Monday morning, as seen by a local on the way to work.

And then here he is in the afternoon trying to dig his way out. (Note him crouching by the passenger tire)

Some Beemer drivers just have all the fun!

Update. He finally got pulled out by AAA late in the day, after he made a spectacle of himself. He laid on his horn for 20 minutes until the host at Kirk Creek went over and found him honking and yelling “help” out his window, per the campground host. Host took him over to use their phone to call AAA and gave him oranges and water. He has some serious karma to work out.

10 thoughts on “Ignoring the signs

  1. Ah yes, signs in Big Sur. There must be some undiscovered phenomenon that renders them invisible to a growing segment of people visiting Big Sur.

  2. People who make their own rules tend to fail in their mission!

  3. The damage to his own car is one thing (hopefully it is substantial enough to teach a lesson). What so many of these self-centered entitled creeps fail to account for is their impact on others, including locals or CalTrans folks who may have spent days or weeks surveying and staking to prep for work to be done. Ugh

  4. Years ago we enjoyed watching the same scenario at Limekiln! From Carmel south there were countless signs stating that “road was closed ahead, open to locals only”… People would come around the bend, slam on their breaks, and be stunned that the road was closed!! There happened to be a group of us sitting in the turn-out enjoying watching the Maintenance Crew working to clear the road… The crazies would pull out their road map, see Naciemento-Ferguson Rd on the map and want to know where it was. We gleefully pointed to it… on the Opposite side of the slide, then rell them to enjoy their drive back to Monterey!! The best question was some ditzy lady wanted to know when the next train was due!!! People, ya gotta love them!!

  5. Looks like common sense has become an endangered species. Stupidity has taken over with no known cure.

  6. I had someone call a local business where I work and ask “if highway one was open” and if he can take Nacimiento Ferguson road because he wasn’t sure wether he wanted to drive the coast or “rough it”. No inquiry, not interested in patronizing the business, simply calling random places in the area to ask questions that he could easily Google. So damn rude for so many reasons. He had “called around” and had not to been able to get an answer. Go figure. Idiots abound.

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