Evacuation Orders and Warnings (retitled this subject)

Here is a map that clarified the matter. It can be found here:


01/05/2023 9:33 AM: The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office has issued an Evacuation Warning for areas of the Fourth Addition Neighborhood and Carmel Point effective immediately and until further notice. This includes areas:

  • East of Valley View Avenue
  • South of Santa Lucia Ave
  • West of Rio Rd
  • North of Dolores St/ 14th Ave/17th Ave

If you are in an Evacuation Warning Zone prepare to leave. Be ready to leave if an evacuation order is issued. Gather essential items now to be ready to go. If you feel unsafe, do not wait for an evacuation order, leave immediately. Check with your neighbors to ensure they have been made aware of this alert.,

The Nixle order below inaccurately says the Mission Fields Community. It is the Carmel Lagoon area.

5 thoughts on “Evacuation Orders and Warnings (retitled this subject)

  1. This is not really “Mission Fields” the area is closer to Carmel Point and the lagoon-area – IMHO

  2. Thank-you, Kate. When you have a chance let us know how Big Sur is faring. If you like, I can update on CVVillage and river as soon as I am able to get out of the house. It is raining hard just now.

  3. Coastlands (across from Ventana) only got 1” of rain last night, and I have had no reports of problems in Big Sur proper, but the day is not over, yet.

  4. Thoughts and prayers for all of you out there in God’s country… 🙏💞
    We’re getting some serious winds and rain squalls, but so far nothing overly alarming up here to the north.

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