Highway 1 is presumably now open at Monastery Beach

It is no longer on the chp website, and a BSF person just confirmed that the road is open, but this is all very fluid re openings and closings, so check the chp website before traveling. Remember the road is closed at Mule Canyon, just north of Deetjens all the way to the elephant seal vista and that the gates at Paul’s Slide, just south of Lucia are closed. Please stay off the highways today.

3 thoughts on “Highway 1 is presumably now open at Monastery Beach

  1. I just spoke to CalTrans, who confirmed that the CHP closure at Monastery Beach was temporary, due to high surf. Open. For Now.

  2. Kate,
    Thanks for your great reporting. Although the rain is very welcome, let hope for a small break.

  3. Thanks for the confirmation, Susie. For Now are the operative words, and remember, it is still closed from Deetjen’s on the north to Elephant Seal vista on the south end.

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