NWS Warnings

Also Evacuation Warnings for big Sur River, Carmel River, Pajaro River, San Lorenzo…my inbox being inundated with warnings. So please take heed and sign up for official warnings or following the MCSO on social media. Don’t rely on unofficial sources, even me. I do my best, but I could miss one for your area since I am beginning to hyper focus on Big Sur.

I have to add this tonight. From Weather West (Daniel Swain): “At this time, I am more concerned about the potential for widespread and possibly severe flash flooding/debris flows/landslides along the Big Sur coast southward into the Transverse Ranges of SoCal. This is not only where the strong AR is now expected to spend the most time traversing, but may also be the target of some rather intense convective activity given the considerable surface-based instability associated with this storm. In fact, the AR itself may have embedded lightning and locally torrential downpours–especially south of the SF Bay Area–with very high 1-hourly precipitation rates. This is the kind of setup that greatly elevates concern regarding major flash flooding/debris flow risk along both Big Sur coast and Transverse Ranges given their tendency to intercept massive amounts of precipitation over very short periods of time during conditions favoring “training” bands of convectively-enhanced precipitation. In addition, rivers in this area may also flood rather significantly in addition to the flash flood risk within smaller water courses.”

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