Highway 1 is impassable at MM 31

This photo was sent to me by Dave Nelson. It was taken by Margaret and is 70 ft north of their driveway.

Just a bit further south, between 24.00    Lopez Point    36-01.35N    121-34.70W and
25.89    Vicente Creek    36-02.60N    121-35.10W one will find this blocked culvert. Photos by Bree Harland:

4 thoughts on “Highway 1 is impassable at MM 31

  1. What a mess! Looks like we’ve joined you with coastal highway closures. Hwy 101 is closed a dozen miles south of Port Orford. TripCheck.com is saying it’ll be a LONG CLOSURE… with no really reasonable way around it. 🥴

  2. It’s crazy down here in SLO county as well. Atascadero has issued shelter in place orders. I’m in LO with only two ways in/out. And power just went out. Stay safe!

  3. Is that a crack in the roadway I see in the last two photos? Are we looking at another potential washout?

  4. I remember that same spot just north of our house washing out back in the late 50ies

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