6 thoughts on “Los Burros Road, 1 mile up

  1. Oh my. That road was bad before – really banged up my Honda. This will not be an easy fix.

  2. Such horrible devastation up and down the Coast. Just north of Fort Bragg, a woman was killed when a tree fell into her house early yesterday morning. Nobody anywhere is being spared. Please stay safe everyone.

  3. Man found dead in a boat in Morro Bay. 5 year old swept out of a car yesterday. Woman went around road closed sign is dead. Last count 14 people dead.

  4. If this were my road, I would contrive a way to anchor some gabion baskets below the road and build it up. Low tech ancient solution.

  5. Gabion baskets and rock fill were used the last time the road chewed away (10+ years ago) and can barely be seen in the 1st photo to the lower right, where the rock is different than the rest. The county did that when they didn’t have the rest of MoCo to deal with! We’re small potatoes on this one compared to them.

  6. Gee, wouldnt it be nice if all those people stranded in big sur could have the nacimiento fergusson code
    Whoever is gatekeeping is an idiot

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