Storm Watch, 1/11/23

From Wendy Root Askew (Board of Supervisors, MoCo) there is a real possibility that the Monterey Peninsula may become an island from Thursday thru Sunday, due to the flooding of the Salinas River t

Advisory: Evacuation Warnings upgraded to Evacuation Orders for areas of the Salinas River Effective Immediately Until Further Notice | Adverten …

Dear Nixle User,The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office upgraded Evacuation Warnings to Evacuation Orders for residents in the low-lying areas of Salinas River due to flooding effective immediately and until further notice. The Evacuation Order now includes the following areas of the Salinas River: North of Highway 68 to the Pacific Ocean If you are in an Evacuation Order Zone quickly & calmly evacuate. Check with your neighbors to ensure they have been made aware of this alert. Monitor local media, social media, & Nixle alerts for updates. Call 211 for information. Call 9-1-1 only if you have a life-threatening emergency. If you need animal sheltering, call the SPCA at 831-373-2631. For the SPCA after hours line call 831-646-5534 Emergency Shelters and Temporary Evacuation Point locations can be found on the Evacuation Map or by calling 211. View Evacuation Map:

From KION:

Update Jan. 11, 2022, at 3:53 p.m.– The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office said they have closed the bridge west of Gonzales due to flooding from the Salinas River.

They announced that due to high water flow the Gonzales River Road bridge near River Road is now closed.

Posted by Salinas Police Department

9:30 am — sorry for the late watch, but I had to take care of a few chores this am, and then check on things around our area. We seem to be in a lull today, and expecting a break tomorrow before we get hit with the next Atmospheric River on Friday into Saturday. We are “only” (and I have to laugh at this) predicted to get 5” for this one down here, but NoCal is predicted to get upwards of 15: in some areas. I canceled appts for this week and next, but trying to reschedule my doctors appt. Keep up with the rapid changes during this time, and keep track of your neighbors who might need help.

8 thoughts on “Storm Watch, 1/11/23

  1. Only 5″ that is great, piece of cake. You are so attentive to us, yes please make sure you get your chores, etc done as we are taking up lots of your time with all this craziness.

  2. Kate, along with all the locals who depend on you so much, those of us who love Big Sur and follow your posts avidly are so appreciative of your committed work. Santa Cruz county is of course deeply damaged and working wildly to stay afloat. Literally. Our 1928 cottage a quarter mile from the ocean is OK, above beach and river levels, but my heart goes out to all the suffering folks right now. Thanks so much. Maura

  3. I’m just joining the chorus of people expressing appreciation, Kate. If there were a way for us to gather and offer you a round of heartfelt applause, I hope you know the mountains would ring with reverberations (not that they need any additional inputs right now).
    Thank you so much and, yes of course, take those breaks as needed. We’ll take your inspiration and check in on neighbors and friends who might need a helping hand during this lull.

  4. Yes, we are all in this together, and we all must do what we can to help each other. I can’t do much physically, any more, to help, but I can do this — provide information in order to help people make informed decisions. Makes me a bit mor visible, but trust me, there are so many helpers that will never seek appreciation that I bow to and honor.

  5. We can’t stop these atmospheric rivers, but we can educate ourselves with knowledge and preparedness. Thank you Kate for all of your posts💜.

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