Storm Watch, 1/14/23

From NWS, Bay Area this morning:

We do expect the Big Sur river near Big Sur to
reach flood stage

Just for grins, I took a snapshot of the rain totals for 5 am. And also, I took one for 8 am. Wow, what a difference! We are being slammed, a-g-a-i-n. In three hours…firsrt one is 5 am and the second is 8 am,. Can you say deluge?

8 thoughts on “Storm Watch, 1/14/23

  1. I can say DELUGE: here in the village where the Carmel River last flooded. Due to reach 7.6 ft at 7pm today.

  2. It’s also dumping here in Los Osos. It’s enough for a while but don’t see an end for a while

  3. Michele: Listening to KCBX there’s an evacuation for Los Osos area near the levee (?) breach of the other day. I hope you’re safe!

  4. Thanks
    Milpitas road washed out Friday night
    We’re hangin out here baking bread and keeping warm

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