Storm Watch, 1/15/23

Slide just SOUTH of Mill Creek (I made a mistake this am)

After a wild and crazy night with high winds, pounding rains, and lightning, it is a quiet, calm morning (albeit a cold one here at 39º) so after taking care of the dogs and starting my own breakfast, I am building a fire once again. It is my understanding (and hope) that we are to have a quiet morning, so I am going to take advantage of that. I’ll be back later today, unless something breaks loose in the meantime.

8 thoughts on “Storm Watch, 1/15/23

  1. Well that was a short break, just had a cloud burst, 10 minutes of hard rain.
    I’m at a little over 40” of rain for the season, half of that in the last 14 days.

  2. Looks like just south of Mill Creek. Thanks for your great website and info!

  3. Im curious to know the $$ cost to stitch this one..looks as if the wet side & the slope will require a fortune to fix right

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