Storm Watch, 1/16/23

Willow Creek, photos by Brendon Shave, taken this afternoon around 3:30

Photo by Connie McCoy, this is the drop Caltrans referred to in its update last night near Morning Glory.

“This photo was taken at noon on Sunday north of Lucia at PM 23.5 where CalTrans reports the drop in the road in its latest report.”

2 thoughts on “Storm Watch, 1/16/23

  1. I think that location has dropped before in previous years, and has a patchwork of repaving. Am I thinking of the right area? North of Lucia? Isn’t there a view point near there?

  2. The Willow drop is a constant, accelerated by the rain. Since, literally, tons of material gets brought to the huge turnout it just drops uinder the weight of it.

    The Lucia spot became a roller coaster area years ago and it was unrecongizable! It went from the motel units to past Morning Glory on the north.

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