Sunshine Report, 1/17/23

BEautiful, beautiful sunshine! The front deck is icy. BIll managed to punch through a slide on the back side (north of Los Burros) of South Coast Ridge Rd. and the horse dude just called to let me know the ex is on his way over to pick me up so we can do a yo-yo run to King City to restock! Looks to be snow on Cone Peak. And the South Coast, in our usual fashion, is already talking about a party when this winter of storms is over.

5 thoughts on “Sunshine Report, 1/17/23

  1. You guys need a party after this CRAZY WINTER! I lived in Big Sur for almost 15 years, and it NEVER snowed during that time, ever… even on visible mountains!! I cannot imagine the amount of damage these constant rainstorms have caused all of you… stay safe!

  2. We’re experiencing sympathetic weather pains here in BC, with days of tedious drizzle (rain with no energy) and grey, grey skies. Following everything going on in beautiful Big Sur, hoping everyone is safe and sound. Sunnier days will come!

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