Big Sur Byway Organization Special Meeting Recording

Hello all, 

At yesterday’s Big Sur Byway Organization, Caltrans provided a presentation and status update on current conditions on Highway 1. There was Q&A and discussion with residents and business owners in attendance about the current road closures.

For those of you who were unable to attend, we have posted a video recording of the meeting on Monterey County’s YouTube channel. You can watch it here:

(Unfortunately, the recording did not start until about 5 minutes into the meeting, during the general public comment portion of the meeting, so the start of the meeting call to order and roll call are not included.)

We hope you find this informative. Thank you. 

Sarah Hardgrave | Chief of Staff

  to District 5 Supervisor Mary L. Adams

  County of Monterey

  Phone:  831-647-7755

2 thoughts on “Big Sur Byway Organization Special Meeting Recording

  1. Alot of conversation about safety and nothing at all about how to solve the problem of getting us supplies and a way out of this island. For those of us who have lived here for years, we take resonsibility for driving this road in good weather and in bad. In the years before all this buracracy, we traveled the road day and night through slides and mud and our lives were in our hands. The current situation is more about politics than safety. We need a convoy out of here NOW. There are folks without propane, gasoline, medicines and food. We cannot wait for those who don’t live here to tell us it’s safe to travel.

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