Department of Agriculture directs additional fuel funding to Los Padres

This was released yesterday, but I was so busy fielding questions and getting information, I spaced it. Later today, I will be releasing my latest article for Voices of Monterey Bay. This marks the 21st day of daily reporting on the storms and their effect.

2 thoughts on “Department of Agriculture directs additional fuel funding to Los Padres

  1. It appears that Bidens recognition and assistance to control hazzadous fuel in the Los Padres National Forest (and others in the state) is likely to provide a better solution than Trumps recommendation: “They should do a better job of raking leaves.”

  2. If some of the funding were directed at enforcing camping, camp fires, and tourist impacts (we are aware of impacts and benefits) ie. education I would be more comfortable. A billion dollars spent to change how plants are growing could save multiple billions on firefighting and fire devastation. And, can scientific methods be thoughtfully applied when the tasks at hand are labeled “emergency”. Nice to get money for the problems yet I for one am wary.

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