16 thoughts on “Los Burros Road saved by locals

  1. OMG is all I could say when seeing the photos of the road! Huge oak now being cut into firewood. Amazing what resourceful and skilled people can do. Thanks for the photos.

  2. Great photos. I must say, the reflected sunlight on the wet road in the last shot is a sign of hope–better than a yellow brick road!

  3. And we can’t forget to mention Phil Taylor who is out there all year long with his backhoe (pictured) clearing the dead trees that drop at the hint of any wind.
    Thank you to all my neighbors who take care of all the obstacles so we can live in this challenging and beautiful place!

  4. I love the view of Pacific Valley from Manchester. The Army found what was left of Willie Criuckshank when they cut the road for Operation surfboard from HLMR to san simeon in around 57.

  5. *correction to my previous post that the backhoe belonged to Phil Taylor. It was actually Ron Villa’s, Phil has one and uses it on Los Burros throughout the year!

  6. Great job locals! It takes grit and flexibility to live out there. No need to wait around for big brother to fix it.

  7. It’s amazing how much water is still sheeting downhill days after the rain stopped. Cheers to all the hard working lads and lasses!

  8. When you need to get out, you don’t have much choice but to fix the damage. It’s good they have the equipment & experience, it wasn’t an easy job and there is still that big gap/washed out crater to deal with.

  9. True heroes! We have something similar on our private Mile and a half mountain road in Mid Valley. We have a paving contractor, 2 general contractors, an EMT, an anesthesiologist, a RN and a lot of worker bees. We keep our road and neighborhood working for all!

  10. Reminds me of the community road work done to reopen Cachagua Rd. for 4WD emergency vehicle access on March 13, 1995. Community knowledge and commitment make it work (and dry socks…).

  11. Outstanding Work Done by All. Much Gratitude Coming Your Way!! Thanks for your concentrated effort & hard work.. 👍💜😎

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