Supply convoys, Tuesday and Friday this week between north gate of Paul’s Slide and north of Lime Creek.

If I am reading this correctly, the convoy will meet at the north end of Paul’s Slide, so those south of Mill Creek are sh** out of luck? That is where most of us live, so not sure who or how many this benefits? I am goingt to try to clarify.

From Cal Trans:

MONTEREY COUNTY – Caltrans is coordinating with the Monterey County Emergency Operations Center to schedule a resupply convoy on Highway 1 on Tuesday Jan. 24 and Friday Jan 27.

The convoys will depart from the north gate at Paul’s Slide (PM 22.5) at 8 am and travel to the north closure limit at Lime Creek (PM 32). The convoy will then turn around and head south back to the gate at Paul’s Slide.

The convoy will repeat this trip again, starting at the north gate of Paul’s Slide at 12 pm and 4 pm.

Residents are asked to wait at their driveways if they wish to join the convoy as it passes.

Again, these convoys will take place on Tuesday Jan. 24 and Friday Jan. 27, with starts at the north gate at Paul’s Slide at 8 am, 12 noon, and 4 pm.

If necessary, this effort will repeat the following week.

Road information and updates can also be found on Caltrans District 5 Social Media platforms: Twitter at: @CaltransD5, Facebook at: Caltrans Central Coast (District 5) and Instagram at: Caltrans_D5.

From Monterey County:

Media Advisory

Portions of the Big Sur Community face long-term Isolation

The County of Monterey Department of Emergency Management in conjunction

with the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office, Big Sur Fire Department, the California

Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, and the Big Sur community are working

on a plan to meet the needs of residents that are essentially cut-off from vital

services due to multiple landslides on State Highway 1.

In meetings with the County Department of Emergency Management team over

the last two days, Caltrans shared information regarding the closure of the

Highway 1 due to slides at three locations. These slide areas include Paul’s Slide

(Postmile 22 in Monterey County), the Mill Creek slide (PM 18 in Mon. Co.), and

the Polar Star slide (San Luis Obispo County, 24 miles south of Mill Creek).

Paul’s Slide has once again accelerated in response to the recent heavy rainfall. It

is unpredictable and the slope continues to adjust as the slide moves, causing

material to flow and rocks to roll into the roadway.

At Mill Creek, the saturated and over steepened slope is on the edge of stability

and appears to be approaching failure.

At Polar Star, rocks and soil are constantly falling from the temporary cut that was

made at the base in order to gain access for crews and equipment to remove the

slide material and correct drainage. The failure of the over steepened rock

material could occur at any time.

Currently there is no safe access through Paul’s Slide, Mill Creek, or Polar Star,

effectively isolating the Big Sur coast between the Polar Star slide, just south of

Ragged Point to and through Paul’s Slide.

Caltrans will be leading convoys of residents impacted by the slides by the HWY 1

slide closure north of Paul’s slide interior locked gate at mile marker 22.5 to the

north of the outer closure at mile marker 32.35. Convoy scheduled for Tuesday &

Friday at 8:00 am, 12 noon, and 4:00 pm.

Residents that are impacted by slides on HWY 1, between the Pauls slide and the

Mill Creek slide are able to use Nacimiento Fergusson Road on an emergency

basis. Residents south of the Mill Creek slide are not able to reach Nacimiento

Fergusson Road. The County, State, Big Sur Fire and local collaborators are

developing a plan to insure basic needs are met for all residents remaining in the

effected areas.

“Our concern is that this is going to be a prolonged closure and our top priority is

making sure people have access to essential services,” said Tracy Molfino, interim

manager of the Monterey Department of Emergency Management.

The County’s public information office is working to establish open lines of

communications with community groups to ensure people get access to vital

information. “The County is committed to providing timely and accurate

information to the residents and businesses in Big Sur to help manage this difficult

situation,” said Nick Pasculli, Chief Public Information Officer.

The County will utilize social media and email communications as well as the

county’s website to push information out to this community.

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Kevin Drabinski

Public Information Officer

Caltrans District 5

50 Higuera St.

San Luis Obispo CA 93401

Office: 805.549.3138

Cell: 805.748.1858

TTY 711

11 thoughts on “Supply convoys, Tuesday and Friday this week between north gate of Paul’s Slide and north of Lime Creek.

  1. I asked Kevin about this and he sent this:
    That is correct, the slide at Paul’s and Mill creek are impassible at present.
    The County release said they will detail help to the south coast tomorrow.
    Look for details on plans to get food, meds, etc. from the county tomorrow.

  2. Hi Kate. As you have said, it seems this convoy is rather limited. Is there a way that any of us on the Monterey Peninsula can gather food and essential items to meet the convoy at the northern closure at Paul’s Slide in order to have it delivered to those south of Mill’s Creek?

  3. Caltrans must have some access to that part of the road – and they can get the absolute essentials to those in need? Then again, I may be just naive.

  4. This resupply convoy proffered by CalTrans benefits no one. Locals north of Paul’s Slide currently are not prevented from going north as far as they like, convoy or not. The closure announcement at Lime Creek is to discourage non-locals and non-essential traffic from proceeding. This announcement by CalTrans merely serves convey to clueless and uninformed agencies, officials and media that they are actually doing something to help trapped locals. Nothing could be further from the truth. No one is trapped north of Paul’s Slide. It is the people south of Paul’s Slide and Mill Creek slide who are trapped. This announcement is sham and a disgrace.

  5. I assume you are up to date about helicopter resupply for the section of coast that’s cut off. The email about the helicopter info was sent tonight, This convoy is confusing coming at the same time.

  6. Jasmine, I had to go to bed before I received any info about what the County had planned for those of us south of Mill Creek, re the helicopter supply But I will post the email as soon as received. Thank you. It doesn’t solve the problem of critical doctors appts, which must be done in public.

  7. None of the families south of Paul’s Slide are able to benefit by this. Today, Monday, the County will be releasing the plan, ( helicopter restocking of food, pet food, and meds will be provided and the forms for filling out for these idems are being collected by CABS. I will post about it today, including the forms, once I get he official notice.

  8. We really appreciate the help of food… but… how are we going to keep or cook it if we don’t have propane or diesel to use the refrigerator, microwave or stove…
    This “supply convoy” no make sense

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