Helicopter Resupply Day

Delivery at Lucia Lodge, north of the slides

I have friends on both sides of the relay — delivery & distribution. My friend north of the slide, Connie McCoy sent me all these photos. Thank you Connie. I heard from friends on the distribution end yesterday, the it was a wonderful gathering and a chance for people who hasn’t been out of their own area of the coast to catch up with others from other enclaves. I will post those later today.

L to R: KSBW reporter, LaVerene McLeod, Kenny McLeod, and Hal Latta, all local CERT volunteers who assisted with picking up Orders for individuals at Safeway, Pet food provided by the SPCA, and with the assistance of our Physician’s Assistant, Sharen Carey, prescription medicines from CVS. Our local postmaster, Andrew brought down the mail as well.

The first delivery of essential goods to the isolated residents of Big Sur yesterday afternoon was a success, and will continue this afternoon.

A big thank you to the Community Association of Big Sur, Monterey County Food Bank with the Big Sur Share, Monterey County SPCA, and Safeway in the Crossroads for helping make this possible. Also, Monterey County Sheriffs and CHP helicopter 70, Lucia Lodge, USFS, Pacific Valley School, and a wonderful community of the South Coast. Distribution photos later today. I am taking a few hours off.

4 thoughts on “Helicopter Resupply Day

  1. Kate-If you need me to bring groceries or small items up to Ragged Point Lodge in my Toyota Corolla, I would be more than happy to starting this Sunday. My cell phone number is +1805-550-5310 or my home phone is 805-927-2908.
    Barb Phimister

  2. A big thank you to Big Sur Fire who was a big part of coordination and execution as well!

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