Updated Forest Closure Order, 5/25/2023

From the Los Padres National Forest:

Please see attached superseding Storm Damage Forest Order effective at 12 pm today 5/25/2023. Please distribute as appropriate.

Good news we are starting to be able to open some things up for this weekend. We after tomorrow when Hwy 1 Moves the Southern closure North will be to open Plaskett Creek Campground, Sand Dollar DUA but trail to beach remains closed, Willow and Mill creek DUA’s as well as many trails in the Silver Peak wilderness accessed in the Salmon Creek area. Additionally Pfeiffer Beach will be reopened now that the repairs to the parking lot and road have been completed.

On the Eastside we are able to open Memorial Campground thanks to the efforts of FHL public works to repair the road near Road 7.

Thank you all for your coordination, communication and engagement as we have navigated these unprecedented storms and repairs.

For a complete listing of the order’s appendix for other districts in the LPNF see: https://www.fs.usda.gov/wps/PA_WIDConsumption/rssgetfile?xFSENavChannel00=110507&xFSENavChannel02=120000000000000&pathinfo=/wps/portal/fsinternet3/cs/alerts/lpnf/alerts-notices/!ut/p/z1/04_Sj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfIjo8ziDd1NPD1Mgg0MPLwsjA0Cg4IDfYKC3IwMDAz0w8EKQEwQcLQw8PfwCPML84EKGOhHEaPfAAdwJFI_HgVR-I33ImQBMASMinydfdP1owoSSzJ0M_PS8vUjcgry0vQjEnNSi0qKdfPySzKTU4uBbokCm4YvNAi5pyA3NDSiysfDINNREQCf1Rxa/dz/d5/L2dJQSEvUUt3QS80TmxFL1o2XzFHNElINFMwMEhKODMwUVJTUUxSUkYyMDAw/?navtype=BROWSEBYSUBJECT&desc=alerts&forestname=

3 thoughts on “Updated Forest Closure Order, 5/25/2023

  1. Any idea why Sand Dollar beach access is a no go? Maybe trail got washed out?

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