7/8 Update, photos, and CNN interview w/ Micah

Last night’s meeting notes are long, so I leave you to read them in their entirety on surfire2008.org, but the bottom line is that the mandatory evacuation order for Palo Colorado to JP Burns has been lifted, and residents will be allowed to go back home starting at 10am, but residents only. Quite a lot of hugging, tears, and celebration last night on this news. There is still much to be done, but it is a start toward the healing and rebuilding process.

I was so glad to be able to share this with my friends Debbie, Jo-Ann, and Deborah last night. We had another round of hugging, crying, and celebration here at the Carmel River Inn, where we all spent the night. I will have to drive around to get home, as there is still a mandatory closure from JP Burns to Lucia/Limekiln (depending on which report one reads) but I may try to drive down to MAF today, after 10 am, so I can see first hand the difficulties we face in rebuilding, before I head back up to Salinas, and down 101 to Fort Hunter-Liggett. I might have trouble getting back in the Fort (I have heard), if I tell the truth, so I will probably be telling the front gate that I am going to the Mission, and then head across to Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd. I haven’t decided whether I will try to explain EXACTLY where I am going, and why I can get there from the front gate and my need to do so, but it might just be easier to lie.

Some great up-close and personal shots of the fire in and around Esalen on Sunday can be seen at http://www.esalen.org/home/gordon.html

Also, the story of the Apple Pie Ridge Boys was on CNN lsst night. I had a friend tape it for me, but you can watch it here:


So, I have a very busy day, restocking my office, fuel, and refrigerator before heading back late this afternoon. I might not be let through the Palo Colorado closure. We’ll see, and I will report later today. If I can go in, I suspect I will cry at the devastation I will be witness to.

More late,

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