Driving down Highway One

I took this yesterday, between Andrew Molera and River Inn. If you look closely, you can see smoke from the smoldering.

I will be driving home with supplies this afternoon, probably stopping often, in turn outs, to take photographs of my journey. I will add a few in my post this evening.

Everyone is feeling as if we’ve turned the corner on this one, and I for one am breathing easier, despite the smoke. I’m looking to reestablish some normalcy and routine tomorrow.

StationKATE, in Carmel.

2 thoughts on “Driving down Highway One

  1. This is just too sad, Kate. Being that all of you live there, it has to be devastating to see the damage done by Mother Nature. But, on the brighter side, it will be wonderful seeing the new growth and the hills green again soon…she has a way of doing that without regard to us mortals…perhaps her ways are FOR us in an indirect way.

  2. Kate, thanks for keeping us up to date. My spouse just asked me to check your website for information. We appreciate your effots.

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