Cone Peak, 7 am update

This morning, visually things look better Cone Peak way, as do the thermals for that area. I can see no visible plumes. There is smoke, but much more dispersed than yesterday afternoon. Also, temperatures have dropped, and it is almost chilly this am, being in the mid-60’s. Unfortunately, the winds will still be a significant factor.

This am I am hearing what MIGHT be air support. Have not confirmed w/ a visual.

**9 am UPDATE** Report from local scanner-listener that it has NOT hit Cone Peak Rd, and is two ridges east

**10 am UPDATE** Good thermal map w/ locator markers posted at 6 am found here:
Thanks, Jim!!

And note this comment from

“South Coast Kate’s observations agree with MODIS quite well. She tells us that the glow of the fire behind Cone Peak faded after midnight and that no smoke plumes are visible in the area this morning.

6:30AM July 11 Update:

Kate, on the South Coast, has written us to say that she managed to get a confirmation from the USFS Information Officer (no small accomplishment) that the fire is burning south of the Rodeo Flat containment line. ”

Gone for the rest of the day, will update upon my return.

Be safe everyone


One thought on “Cone Peak, 7 am update

  1. Even though I am physically far away in, Cascade Idaho, my hopes, wishes, and prayers aren’t! May we all endure and survive from the epic trauma. I have faith that we will! Next time you see Joyce and Don, give them my blessings too.
    May peace be with you

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