Midnight thoughts … internet responsibilities

I actually got to connect with some friends (and readers) by phone tonight, and what a joyous occasion that was. We talked about many things, the fire, the community, the support, and the bull shit. Ah, yes, the bull shit. That’s the price of going public, I guess. I get a lot of that in this past few weeks. Some from friends, and some from strangers. Bull shit can be “good” or “bad” depending on the intentions of the person propagating same.

We agreed — Cachagua Store is a great website for no-nonsense reporting. We love the way Mike Jones writes, and the stories he tells. We agree, people can really come together in an emergency like this. We agree that the internet has allowed freedom of expression like never before and communication, in all its facets, unheard of only ten years ago. But, we also agree that with such widespread communication comes responsibilities. We need to be as accurate as possible, and that is where xasauantoday.wordpress.com comes into play and kusp.org and surcoast.com. All of these sites strive for accuracy, and achieve it the vast majority of the time. We are all fallible. We all make mistakes.

In the old days, it was notifying one’s neighbors by banging on old, empty propane tanks to warn of the onset of fire. In the old days, it was notification by CB (and all those wonderful handles — mine used to be Ridge Rover.) In the old days, it used to be personal drive-by notifications. Now we have the internet.

The internet is a great means of communication, but we still need to get personal, sometimes. And we still need to remember that the internet can spread the “rumors” which used to take days, in a matter of seconds.

I had a number of conversations today which centered upon rumors and inuendoes. It is still gossip, no mater how it is cast.

Two reminders: One community based, and one personally based. The community based one is to remember that rumors are self-perpetuating, and need to be confirmed. The second, personally based, is that this movie is getting tiring, and I am going next door to watch the comedy. Want to join me?

2 thoughts on “Midnight thoughts … internet responsibilities

  1. One thing about small rural communities is that gossip and rumors spread faster and many times can and will be incorrect. Second is that small rural communities can close out their obvious close neighboring cities.

    People in the Sur and out in Cachagua seem to forget that the Sur coast to the inland valleys includes all of Monterey and San Loui’ counties, which means our area here in Pacific Grove as well. Many people that liv down there feel that unless someone is living there they aren’t ‘locals. That’s farthest from the truth.

    I was born and raised in this county, I am 57, as was my parents, grandparents and my great-grandparents which settled here in 1896. My husband, his sister, aunt and Mom are native Olone indians registered with the federal goverment. From what we understand their tribes go back 4000-6000 years.

    Remember when refering to ‘locals’ to include us as well. Thanks

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