And the fires never end … Telegraph Fire

This may well be remembered as the summer when the fires never end. There have been so many of them, in so many places, it is difficult to keep track. Per our firefighter blog, California has lost over 700,000 acres to fire so far this summer. And folks, we still have 3 months of fire season left!! Rain dances, anyone?

Just as we were being declared contained, another battle looms in Mid-Pines and Mariposa, up near Yosemite. It is the Telegraph Fire. It has already burned 25 homes, 27 outbuildings, and 9 firefighters have been injured, and it is only 10% contained. You can read further details about it from Capt. Mike (Ret) in the firefighters blog in my blog roll to the right.

Here is another source of live feed:

**Sigh** we can only pray that it is contained much faster than ours was, and that there are no further loses. Our hearts are with those in the path of this fire and the fires yet to come.

2 thoughts on “And the fires never end … Telegraph Fire

  1. Yes, Kate, that fire ‘over there’ is raging away; its growth is phenomenal! The affect on the tourist season for Yosemite is outlined in this article:

    It feels like we are in an on-going crisis situation these days (war, weather, economy), and I am feeling a call to up my ‘public’ skills to be of service when and where needed. I’m starting with looking into emergency preparadness training here in Ashland. It’s free and would help wherever I might find myself in the future. The signs seem clear to me that we’d best all rise to the occasion in some way…whatever is best for wherever we are and who we are.

    Geez..I sound gloomy…but it’s hard to not feel that way…a lot
    going on that’s challenging us!!

    I appreciate your blog!

  2. Not to jest, but perhaps a rain dance really would help. If the jade festival wasn’t so far off, i’d suggest one heald at it. Priority dictates we need one now not later. Praying to whatever god or higher power would help for those that have faith, for those that are athiests or agnostics… come up with some ideas soon. The world needs HELP!

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