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In preparation for this afternoon’s meeting, Kelly O’Brian and I have been collecting documents regarding community wild fire protection, sample plans, the USFS mandates regarding their management plans, etc. This page — under the same title as above — is listed to the right, under “pages” and is still in its infancy, but still has some links to some good information. I will continue to add data as I find it, or it is sent to me. It is a good place to start for preparation for this afternoon’s meeting, if you are so inclined. Namasté, Kate

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  1. Z, the meeting went well. It was well attended by both South Coasters and the USFS. Nothing decided, but many issues raised, discussed, and thrown about. While I think it was good for “airing” South Coast concerns, I do not feel as if anything was truly “accomplished” in the typical sense. A few are willing to put in the time and effort it will take to accomplish something, but it will be some long and involved hard work. I am hoping that where we go from here, next steps, community cooperation and involvement in formulating a CWPP will lead us in the direction we need to go.

  2. kate,
    You mentioned document to download about creating a plan, etc. while in the meeting.
    which one is it? the nine page one…
    I am interested and involved in efforts to raise consciousness about the prevention needs. It’s really the only sane approach.

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