Jade Festival 2008 Photos

I will try to upload a few photos today, but the internet connection seems to be incredibly s-l-o-w for some reason.

This is Fred Ward, one of the elders of our Jade World. Each year, he comes and gives a slide presentation on our local jade, and it’s retrieval.

The belly dancing troupe who performed for us on Saturday.

Saturday’s crowd was the largest ever. I was afraid that we’d have a lot of people, but that due to the economy, they would not be buying. According to the vendors I talked to, my fears were ungrounded.

And what would a Jade Festival be without the Jade? This was just one of the 49 vendors present (excluding food and non-profits). Note the “Jade Cov” license plate in the back. That’s it for today. Check back tomorrow for more photographs.

3 thoughts on “Jade Festival 2008 Photos

  1. Hi Kate! It’s Dan, your favorite sound guy/stage manager/musician!
    Without a doubt it’s always the highlight of my year.
    Everyone was great – and the kids this year were terrific!

    Still waiting to run away with you.

  2. Hi. My wife and I came up from the beach town of San Clemente to see the Jade Festival for the first time this year. The first day we did nothing but shop and admire the jade and handicrafts. The second day we came back to admire something more valuable: the people of Big Sur. Everyone was so nice. Of course, as the saying goes, we don’t have to live with you, but nonetheless there was something special in the air: the dancing, the music, the children, the parents, the beautiful and the not so beautiful, and the jocular camaraderie of the locals who had put the fair together. It was all just,…great. Congratulations, Bigsurkate, and those who helped you, it was a darn good time! TJC.

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