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Many of you have noticed the smoke from the Chalk Fire, and some of us saw the flames last night. I spoke with Paula Martinez, ret. PIO, who informed me that the fire did in fact become active last night, and they are working on “knocking it down.” While it is still within the containment lines, it appears to have crossed Hare Canyon, but the good news (from Kimball scanner traffic) is that it only crossed in one spot, right across from a rock outcropping, so spotters are feeling optimistic. There are plans to open up the contingency lines from Twin Peaks to Twitchell Flat, and re-lay the hose lines down to Limekiln, if necessary. Helicopters will be flying it as soon as the smoke allows. Paula also told me that there are “pockets of green” in the Dempsey Flats area that are being monitored. Fire crews are standing by, if needed. Fresh troops are on their way, if needed, also.

I specifically asked if there were any evacuation warnings contemplated, and she said, “No.”

Inciweb will be updated once a day, in the evening, with the stats and summaries.

Now, I have a work-related fire to extinguish, so I am off to Cambria. I will check back in this evening.

Tonight’s smoking sunset from Plaskett Ridge Rd.

Inciweb will be reporting shortly after 6 pm each evening. Tonight’s summary is:

“A hot spot occured across Hare Creek last night as a result of rolling rocks and debris from the fire. The spot fire is reflected in the 100-acre increase in the fire’s acreage. Water dropping helicopters were delayed this morning due to smoke but were able to fly again when the smoke lifted this afternoon. Today crews worked to reopen and improve contingency lines established earlier on the Chalk Fire from Highway 1 to Twin Peak and from Highway 1 to Limekiln.

Evacuations: None.

Highway, Road and Area Closures: Highway-1 is open. Nacimiento-Fergusson Road remains closed, as well as South Coast Ridge Road from Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd to Willow Creek Road.

Weather: Predicted weather: Wind Speed 3-6 mph, Temperature 75 degrees, Wind Direction NE, Relative Humidity 12-19 percent.

Agencies: The incident is currently being managed by a U.S. Forest Service, Type-3, Incident Command Team.

Note: The Goleta Fire Information Center (805-961-5770) will provide a recorded message regarding general information about the fire and Inciweb will continue to be updated daily at 6:00pm, or sooner if there are significant changes in the fire’s behavior.”

Sand Dollar at smokey sunset.

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