Jade Photos #2

Before I get to the photos, a comment on the Chalk Fire. It had a little activity last night, around 50 acres, I am told. The flare-up is below Vincente Flats, working its way up toward Cone Peak, and down toward Limekiln State Park. No threats, however, still within containment lines, and being monitored. There were to be helicopter drops, but I have not heard any. Maybe I am not in the flight path. I would note that there may be intermittent closures of Highway One due to fire traffic, and perhaps rolling debris.

Here are a few more photos for your viewing pleasure.

“Chinook” is a 9 year old female “Peales” Peregrine Falcon. She got hit with West Nile virus a few years ago and is partially blind. Her owner/falconer is Chad Carvey, former Principal/Superintendent of Pacific Valley School.

A wooden hawk on a beautiful Jade pedestal.

~ by bigsurkate on October 15, 2008.

One Response to “Jade Photos #2”

  1. Oh she’s so very beautiful as well as the sculpture! An artist friend of mine named Rick who lived out in Cachagua years ago used to carve hawks. I really love to watch the peregrine’s, condores, coastal eagles or hawks in flight. Absloutely beautiful.


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