Chalk Fire, Night Photos

Here are some photos I just took at 9 pm. I was hoping I could not see this, but alas, sleep will not come easily to me tonight, once again.

This first shot shows two different burn areas. It is one photograph, showing two different burn areas. The one on the right is up toward the top of Cone Peak on the west side. The second area, I am not sure about, but I would venture a guess that it is below Vincente Flats, somewhere, up above Limekiln. I have no idea whether this is a burn out operation, and will not be able to confirm until tomorrow.

This is a zoom of the fire on the west side of the top of Cone Peak. The exposure is 10 sec. so the flame really is bright.

This is an image of the lower fire with minimal zoom.

And here are a couple of the show I took at 11 pm tonight:

The one above is of the “glow” on the lower fire. You can also see the flames at the top of the ridge. Compare this one with the one Connie McCoy took, below, at the same time, looking UP canyon. The one below, is the fire at the top of Cone Peak.

I must say, with practice, I am learning how to operate that piece of sh** tripod, and I think my night photographs are improving. 😉

And here is a night shot by my friend and fellow photographer, Connie McCoy. Interestingly enough, last night, she was on the Limekiln Bridge taking photos UP canyon, while I was on my deck taking them DOWN canyon. Her shot shows the flames on the ridge, as does mine above.

THANKS, Connie!!

And this is what one wildlandfire ff said around 10 pm tonight: “Some talk of an IMT being ordered if conditions don’t moderate over the next day, or if contingency lines don’t hold. The original concern was brought forward by the LPF FFMO on Tuesday as fire conditions were changing significantly on the incident. Concerns were based upon reports from the Type 3 IC and his “team” and forwarded upwards to “the Line Officers” for decision. Several ground resources from SoCal fires reassigned to the Chalk Fire today, including an aerial armada including ten airtankers, multiple helitankers, helicopters, and aerial supervision. While the line officers waited, the fire made the ultimate decision, necessitating immediate fire management action.”

This report issued by the USFS at 11 pm on 10/16/08: “Tomorrow a firing operation may be initiated to strengthen hand line and retardant line that was established along the top of the fire from Cone Peak to Twin Peak and southwest from Twin Peak towards Highway 1. The firing operation will be completed in two phases. Because of the rugged terrain and to minimize risk to fire fighters, the first phase may be completed by helitorch. The second phase will be by crews hand firing from Twin Peak towards Highway 1. The firing operation may take several days to complete. There is no immediate threat to Limekiln, Lucia, Lopez Point or the Hermitage, however, residents should stay alert to the fire’s activity in their area. If evacuation steps are needed, the Monterey County Sheriff’s Department will issue the notice.”

One last thing before I turn into a pumpkin…Paula Martinez, ret USFS PIO announced a BAER meeting regarding the Chalk Fire for Monday, October 20th, at 4:30 pm at the Community Center at PUSD. See the announcements page for the flyer.

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