Consumed by Fire

As my friend firefighterblog
has reminded me, Big Sur has been consumed by fire this season. Frankly, I did not remember that we had a small fire on April 17, 2008 in the Dolan Ridge area that closed Highway One, for a time. Then, of course, on June 8, 2008, the Indians Fire started. While it was burning, the Gallery/Basin fire started on June 21, 2008. It was not contained until July 27, 2008. Ah … and then a welcomed respite for two months to the day, until the Chalk Fire started. Tomorrow will be three weeks. I thought it was over before the Jade Festival, but Mother Nature was simply taking a break so we could put on our show. The day after the Jade Festival, it started acting up again, and yesterday, it came unhinged, as the photos I posted yesterday and last night demonstrate.

Here is today’s view:

And with that, I will sign off. I have a girl’s night out with a LIMO, no less! I am escaping the fire, at least temporarily.

Okay, having lunch in town, totally wireless, and Kimball informs me that they brought back Jim Smith, the Type II IC. Not surprising, considering what I have been reading and seeing. Also, Kimball has posted some new thermals, as of 1 pm this afternoon. See them at: Coast Communications

The drive to town was like driving through a war zone. First the Chalk Fire, which really is not impacting the highway too badly; then the rehab, reconstruction, desperate attempts to save the highway from gravity this winter. Lots of stoppages from Lucia north to Andrew Molera. Add 1/2 hour to your town run time, if coming from the south coast.

Remember, firing out operations for the next few days in an attempt to get a handle on this unpredictable dame!

5 thoughts on “Consumed by Fire

  1. Jim Smith’s Type II Team was just called back to the incident. There will be a meeting at Tusi helibase at 1800hrs.

  2. I pray for everyone, firefighters & residents that these fires are over soon.

    The spotter plane has been patroling our area for three days now. It is worriesome and un-nerving.

    Please… soft gentle rains come SOON!

  3. Just got back from a doctor’s visit and the medical concerns that go with it. Read your note here. Yes, things are heavy right now. Time and the jade spirits will heal things. We must have faith. But we need to take care of ourselves to be there and strong in these times of tension. As I said in my e-mail earlier…. Your photos are OFF-THE-SCALE, world class! They are worthy of a really significant art show. Yes, take that break and get those nerve cell dopamine levels up, for strength and endurance. Get into the limo and enjoy it to the fullest! For me…it’s time to get on the ocean and “Shut up and fish!”
    -Captain Lingcod

  4. You do a great service with your blog, and your photos are outstanding! Thanks for your great work. I hope you don’t mind, but I “borrowed” one of your photos for my blog, but referred my visitors back to you.

  5. After making the comment earlier, I read on your blog that written permission to use the photos is required, so I will remove the photo from my blog. Sorry.

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