12:00 pm

Los Padres National Forest


Monterey County Sheriff’s Department has issued an EVACUATION WARNING
in effect for the Limekiln north and the New Camaldoli Hermitage. This
warning is given for affected areas where there is imminent threat to
life and property. Persons who receive this notice should evacuate in
accordance with the direction of the deputies on scene.


An EVACUATION WATCH has been issued by the Monterey County Sheriff’s
Department for Lucia north to Lopez Point. This order is for areas
where a threat to life and property exists. Persons issued this notice
are not required to evacuate but should be prepared to evacuate should
an Evacuation Warning be issued.

Significant resources (handcrews, engines and dozers) are engaged in
structure preparations.

The fire was very active last night and spread north towards Twin Peak
into the west fork of Limekiln Creek testing contingency lines. .

Air tankers and helicopters making retardants and water drops to reduce
fire intensity and slow the fire’s spread and crews are working direct
where possible. Fire fighter and public safety remains the highest

This was taken from the Limekiln Bridge, about 1/2 hour before the evacuation orders were issued. It is quite different being on the ground, rather than up on my perch, where I have a much better over all view.

These guys and gals were parked on the turn out right across from Twitchell Flats at around 11:30 am.

NOTE from Kate: Well, I was trying to figure out what all those speeding MCSO cars I saw going south around noon, south of Esalen were doing. Now I know! Red lights, sirens, the whole thing. What I suspect is that the fire crossed that last ditch line the Monterey Hotshots spent several days earlier this week putting in, as a contingency. Either that, or it has approached the line and they are worried about it not holding.

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  1. Limekiln and the Hermitage of all places! This is alarming. So many people live in both. Anyways its overcast up here this morning and i’m praying it is down there too.

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