Chalk Fire Update, 10/18/08

MONDAY’S meeting w/ the USFS has been changed from a BAER report to a Fire update and fire management issues meeting. Please pass the word all thru the South Coast. I won’t be sending a mass mailing, so please email everyone on your list who might be interested. 4:30 pm at the Community Center at PUSD.

I will be heading back down the coast this afternoon, but what I have gathered so far, is that the fire has gained a few hundred acres; the containment is down to 93%; personnel and equipment on the fire has increased, and like I suspected, the hand line the Monterey Hot Shots put in was over run by the fire, and the burn out operation could not happen.

Connie McCoy, fellow photographer, was there last night, and she sent me the following photographs:

This was taken from Jade Cove around 5 pm looking north at the fire.

This is Stone Ridge from the Harlan Ranch.

This was taken from Limekiln Bridge.

Thank you so much, Connie for sharing these with us!

Did I mention I am REALLY tired of fire, this fire in particular? Three weeks, now.

Apparently written last night:
Posted by Margie Whitnah
From the Hermitage:
“The fire is just at the top of the ridge next to ours and if the fire retardant etc works, then we will be safe. If it doesn’t work, we are in big trouble. Most monks are evacuated and I must leave in the morning. There is a small window of opportunity that we may be back here mid week. I would love to hear from you if you wish, say a prayer for us, for our firefighters, and for our safety and saving of our hermitage. … I may be gone from here tomorrow morning. All dates or arangements I have made for the next week must be abandoned due to the uncertainty of the fire situation. We are being evacuated to the same place as before, St. Clair’s Retreat Center in Soquel/Santa Cruz.”

Posted on inciweb at approximately noon: “The Chalk Fire was active last evening in an area between Twin Peak and Cone Peak, even though approximately inch of rain fell along the coast. Light rain continued this morning in some areas of the fire. Firing operations which were planned for today, are now being re-evaluated. The fire has continued to creep towards the outer edge of Lime Kiln State Park in a mixture of grass and some heavier fuels. Pre-existing dozer lines above the New Camaldoli Hermitage are being re-opened and the area is being prepared for a possible firing operation if it should be needed.”

It rained?? Not here in town. Nada.

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  1. The latest thermals also show quite a penetration beyond Cone Peak headed for the old Indians Fire.

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